" To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something    else is the greatest accomplishment. "                                                                                                               Ralph Waldo Emerson

 Founded in august 1998 in Romania, ZYRAXES is a family company specialized in manufacturing, sales and rental of industrial & home application diesel generating sets, marine power, agricultural & fire fighting motor pumps. In collaboration with partner companies we can deliver turn key solutions, such as power plants. 

 We are passionate about what we do, we chose a niche way to manufacture generating sets for special applications and customized and that's why we are different than other producers.

 ZYRAXES keep on doing its best to achieve its objectives and to fulfill its vision by raising standards and maintaining values important for us: professionalism, teamwork, respect, continuous improvement. 


It's an alternative power source in case the main grid fails, but can be also a continuous power source in any places.


There are built to meet the standards of humidity and salt aggressive environment, ideal to be a back-up power source.

Agricultural & fire fighting

Mechanical pumps serve in a wide range of applications such as: fire-fighting, agricultural field and high pressure.


We always make sure you get the latest news and insights from this industry an ZYRAXES.

Zyraxes is pleased to announce that on 11th of May we'll present in Europort Romania, hotel Zenith, the latest marine product, made for Volvo Penta Eastern Europe office request, in collaboration with Scandic Polikraft, the Romanian dealer Volvo Penta.
The new  ZYRAXES "ELECTROPHORUS SERIES" powered by VOLVO PENTA, it is the ideal choice to marine power of inland river shipping, boats, luxury yachts, river fishing and all other kinds of inland or coast see vessel. .The  new smart and beautiful structure are easy to instal and maintain with the best report quality performance, guaranteed by VOLVO PENTA. The ELECTROPHORUS SERIES is the perfect choise to powerup your bout.